2017 Ford Fusion Energi Release Date And MPG

2017 Ford Fusion Energi Release Date And MPG

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Ford Fusion Energi is a plug-in hybrid developed by Ford that was first introduced at the 2012 North American International Auto Show. Sales began in February 2013, and it soon started making big numbers in sales, over 28.000 units in US and Canada since the launch, becoming one of the leaders in the segment. With news that the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi is being prepared and that it is coming upgraded to the market, we are more than eager to see what it has to offer.


This hybrid has a couple of advantages which made it desirable. Besides the environment protection, lower fuel consumption, and MPG ratio it qualified for a federal tax credit up to $3,500, and any model purchased in or after 2010 received up to $4,000 due to its battery capacity, which is a win-win situation for the owners. These incentives are quite attractive and certainly help out Ford to sell an additional number of units.


When it comes to the engine and powertrain, it is going to be pretty much the same as for the 2016 model. We are getting 2.0 liter inline 4 16V DOHC engine with VVT (variable valve timing) that with the help of electric motor can produce 188 HP @ 6000 RPM with allegedly 130 ft-lbs @ 4000 RPM. It is going to feature 7.6 kWh Li-ion battery with 19 miles electric-only range. With the re-tune of the cars electric system, a mainly electric motor that should be more efficient and tuned gasoline engine it is supposedly going to increase its efficiency and MPG ratio. Fuel economy figures are not yet out but it will be interesting to see the numbers. Ford needs to be careful with this since we remember that currently available model had a lot of difficulties to achieve rated mpg. Using the only electric power, you can speed up to 85 mph after which gasoline unit kicks in to help out; this should be enough for shorter trips when you are able to drive without using a single drop of petrol.


It is still going to offer front wheel drive with continuously variable transmission, independent suspension and front and rear stabilizer bar. One of the things that have been upgraded is the software calibration of transmission that now improves engine rpm and road speed harmonization, retuning better drive feel. Ford always takes care of the safety and with that said this updated 2017 Ford Fusion Energi isn’t going to be any different, it is going to have four-wheel ABS, ventilated discs in front and solid in the back, traction control, stability control, engine immobilizer and so on.


Ford said, according to rumors, that this updated model is going to be “the most technology-packed and smartest Fusion ever.” This tells us that the most impacted side of the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi by this update is going to be its brains and Interior. Since this is a sedan, Ford has to keep its comfort and add a little more, and that’s exactly what they did. Allegedly the complete interior is covered in high-grade leather with decorative stitching, which gives off a more elegant feel. Seats are heated, all windows are electric powered, AC is a must, rear view camera and parking sensors, sunroof, etc. come as standard or optional equipment.

Dash and center console look as they both came from the future, with next gen SmartGauge®, and “EcoGuide” as a system that actively influences the driver to make better fuel economy. Among other features, there are also pedestrian detection, hands-free parallel and perpendicular parking, blind spot assist and so much more. To round up this fancy package with a red bow Ford is allegedly adding new SYNC3 infotainment system. Just by looking at the impressive features list we can conclude that this car maker invested a lot of effort to keep this vehicle interesting and one of the best options on the market.


2017 Ford Fusion Energi
2017 Ford Fusion Energi

Exterior has changed also but not too much; there are no reasons for huge changes since the original version was immediately liked by many drivers. It got a little sharpener, and sportier look but the basic Ford Fusion Energi lines are all there. Grill is a little slimmer, head and tail lights are little more angular and aggressive, and there are more emphasized front air intakes. Side and rear are less impacted by this update. Wheels are probably going to stay the same 17 inch with painted alloys as standard.

2017 Ford Fusion Energi Release Date

As far as price and release date goes rumors are that Ford will launch this updated model sometime in second half of 2016 or first half of 2017 for some markets. This perfectly fits into mid-life refresh cycle that we expect to see. Estimated price will range from slightly above $33,000 for base version to over $41,000 for top Platinum trim. Compared to previous year version we can see that base price is down slightly even we are getting redesigned car, which we like very much. Have in mind that these prices are all before incentives that vary from state to state.

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