2017 Lincoln Continental Specs And Interior

2017 Lincoln Continental Specs And Interior

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So far, most of Lincoln’s car were basically Ford products with different badges and a more upmarket interior. However, it became clear that Lincoln doesn’t want to be just that when they released the Continental Concept car nearly a year ago. With the introduction of the 2017 Lincoln Continental, we are getting one important model in the lineup of this U.S. car maker.

We can see an entirely new exterior design as well as a lot of features that are making it significantly different than its Ford siblings, all while allowing Lincoln to be recognized as a luxury car brand. Well, after nearly a year since the concept was introduced, the production model of that car has been released as the 2017 Lincoln Continental. To everyone’s surprise, this new version is actually nearly identical to the concept car which was praised by many.

2017 Lincoln Continental
2017 Lincoln Continental

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This means that it boasts an incredible design for its class, very impressive engines as well as one of the most beautiful interiors on the market today. There are some problems, though, and the biggest one is that the car is using Ford’s modular front-wheel drive platform which is fine for a mid-size sedan or for a family car but not that great for a luxury sedan. It still is unclear how the platform affected the Continental, but we do hope that it is as good to drive as it looks. The production model is expected to come in showrooms by the end of the year when we will get a clear insight in what it will offer.


Since this is a luxury vehicle, we will start with what it offers inside the cabin. The 2017 Lincoln Continental is offering a full-leather interior even in the base trim level, and there are no plastics that can be touched. Instead, the dashboard is covered in leather and aluminum, and most of the buttons are being made out of aluminum with rubber inserts. The only plastic in the interior is on the car’s air vents and on the center stack where a glossy insert is housing most of the buttons. The seats can be adjusted in more than 30 ways while the driving position is far better than in any other of its close siblings.

Right on the door drivers will be able to access various buttons to adjust seating position and also to control side mirrors and windows. The steering wheel offers the possibility to adjust volume, use phone functions and to access various car systems. Behind the steering wheel, we have instrument cluster display that can be customized and offer standard speed and rpm meter plus additional details about trip and ride. In the central part of the dashboard, we have a decently sized display for navigation and other in-car features. Right beside it there are buttons to control transmission and under the screen, we have buttons for air conditioning. Everything is easily accessible and organized ergonomically.


Design wise, the 2017 Lincoln Continental is probably the best looking car Lincoln released on the market in the last few decades. While it may have been a bit controversial at the start, most people began liking its design because it manages to combine the classic lines of a true luxury car with the rather sporty look of a European sedan. Also, the car features unique design choices such as the door handles being integrated into the window’s chrome trims. To be even more unique the front end brings an entirely new grille with LED headlights and a design that seems very similar to some current Bentley models. At the back, the car gets a more conventional look but still manages to sneak in some classic design notes that are noticeable for the tail lights.

2017 Lincoln Continental Specs

Engine wise, the 2017 Lincoln Continental will be available with three different engines and two of them will get the front-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic as standard. The base car will get a naturally aspirated 3.7-liter V6 engine which should provide 305 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. Further up the range, a 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V6 with up to 310 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque is also going to be available. An all-wheel drive system will still be available for these two as an option, but the top of the line model will get it as standard. This is because the top of the line model will get a Lincoln-developed 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine good for 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque which should easily allow it to hit 60 MPH in less than 5 seconds and a limited top speed of as much as 155 MPH.



We already have an official price list for the 2017 Lincoln Continental that will start at roughly $45,000 which is the average of its class. Complete price list can be seen in the table below. With more aggressive and interestingly priced vehicle like this, we think that Lincoln has a good chance of attracting younger buyers which were one of the goals in previous years for this car maker.

2017 Mercedes C Class
Trim Price Trim Price Trim Price Trim Price
Sedan $44.560 Select 3.7L V6 Sedan $47.515 Reserve 2.7L V6 Sedan $53.915 Black Label 2.7L V6 Sedan $62.915
Premiere AWD Sedan $46.560 Select 3.7L V6 AWD Sedan $49.515 Reserve 2.7L V6 AWD Sedan $55.915 Black Label 2.7L V6 AWD Sedan $64.915
Select 2.7L V6 Sedan $49.765 Reserve 3.0L V6 AWD Sedan $59.180  Black Label 3.0L V6 Sedan $66.180
Select 2.7L V6 AWD Sedan $51.765  Black Label 3.0L V6 AWD Sedan $68.180

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